x1 foundation PlasticPlug The Digital Component

This is the most important part of the project. All incoming waste is weighted and registered. Waste from adjoining communities is registered with their source on Purok level. A complete digital real-time measurement of success and a vastly motivational appreciation can be run through a Digital Component.

The component supports the MRF with AI components and delivers real-time information to all stakeholders. This gives Municipality politicians all information about their success in real-time and ensures on a national level that the Philippines can report from Day One the vast success on the fight against the claim that the country is the world’s third biggest polluter[1][2][3][4].

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[2] https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/932739/greenpeace-environment-water-pollution-polluter-manila-bay

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[4] https://filipinotimes.net/uncategorized/2017/09/25/philippines-third-worst-polluter-ocean-greenpeace/

Restore Pinoy Pride on Global Level!

Measuring in Real-Time allows reporting

a)     Local Level – Mayor

b)     National Level – President

Public Awarding as Motivational Factor

A main goal is the additional motivational and inspirational impact of the project. Since the effect is so dramatic and the National Pride is affected, the project has the potential to raise massive awareness. Through a sophisticated concept of awarding, adjoining communities and project municipalities get the spotlight for their efforts in local, regional and national media. The spill into social media is automatic through the focus on sports events as channels. The US example of the SuperBowl and its prominent advertising stood as an inspiration to this Rewarding System. Down to Barangay level the basketball games gather a huge attention and a public awarding of best Purok/Barangay/City/Region can be scaled through the whole society structure and deliver a high value through appreciation.

A regular ceremony during the breaks of the games cast spotlights on Purok/Barangay captains with best results using the MRF. Business sponsors can even enhance the ceremony through sponsoring of awards and prizes.