The system must fulfill several core requirements to be called a success:

The project is supposed to deliver the following 4 components.


The WaterWheel/Conveyor Belt solution is the core component. The deliverable here will be a KIT BLUEPRINT SOLUTION which will enable every river-estuary-based community to receive a shippable core kit for assembly and build at very low cost ( < $120 ) with locally available materials their own BasuraWheel.

Adjoining MRF

To process the retrieved materials the MRF will be set up according to National Waste Management Laws (i.e. RA 9003 for PH). It will also serve as a motivating pilot for surrounding communities where recycling is not yet adopted. The MRF should be able to handle the expected output from the river as well as provide a buffer to handle nearby communities’ growing participation in material recovery. The financing for the MRF will be taken from the national funds available for such programs and can be enhanced by raising through partnerships with NGOs, LGUs and private sector.

Digital Project Component

The technical parenthesis of the holistic project is a digital component which consists of a combination of reliable data analyses, recommendations and monitoring segments combined with a sophisticated information and appreciation unit. Goals are to analyze the waste stream and use the data for best monetization of the materials and to inform, incentive and thus motivate stakeholders. We are seeking partnerships especially with AI organizations which are willing to support local developers in Image Recognition and Machine Learning.

Education and Motivation Program

x1 foundation PlasticPlug image 5

The PlasticPlug is a stand-alone solution for the immediate emergency protection of the oceans, but it does not exist outside of the bigger picture. Quite on the opposite it provides the ideal seeding point for communities to get a better grip on their citizen responsibility which includes better waste management in the households. While we welcome the rise of stronger laws and law enforcement on the side of governments, we still believe in the importance of a role-model and appreciation-based education powered by strong motivation components. Ultimately the Plug+MRF combination should seed the motivation to create CRCs (Community Recovery Systems). The MRF will act as a role-model for the feasibility and we will partner with organizations in educating the surrounding communities to embrace the MRF philosophy.