Identifying Key Polluting Channel

The research focused on the fact, that 80% of Ocean Plastic Pollution comes from land-based sources [1] and happens mostly by influx through rivers [2]. Therefore, we searched for a solution which focuses on the river estuaries and “plug” them.

“Once the trash is in the ocean, it is
incredibly difficult and costly to remove.
The key is to stop the trash
before it enters the ocean. 

Caroline Power



Diverse Approaches World-Wide

We found many approaches worldwide from Europe to Asia. Here some examples [1] [2] [3]:

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Problems with the Approaches

The passive collectors are probably very fast full and the process of emptying them is labor and time intensive. The active collectors are motor driven and thus need fuel or electricity. Solar driven machines with the potential to tackle massive river pollution are extremely expensive and therefore not feasible for the needs of >150 river estuaries.