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Edsel Abrogar Jaradal
Crime Busters Association of Essu Guiuan

This movement is very helpful not only to our nature but also to human. Humans are responsible for any type of clean up drive because that's our trash, so KAMADA has a project to encourage the humans to take action. People needs encouragement sometimes in order to take action.

I support The Plastic Plug and I fully give my vote for its implementation. I can see that this will be a game-changer in our environmental status, as it seeks to reduce massive volume of solid wastes floating in the oceans while giving the people something in return. It's truly a win-win situation for the planet, for the country and for the community. Let us collectively remove the Philippines from one of the top ocean pollutants in the world. Make the Philippines proud again!

Great solution that can help fight the water pollution not only in the Philippines but worldwide.

It is an very important move to reduce plastic in our oceans and my biggest respect for this project since I know difficult will be the implementation due to many obstacles with government agencies.

To stop using plastic, stop burning trash.

The thing that I can say about this project is that it's very innovative in its own right. With this project, we can take care of our bodies of water that is a main component for our country. Simplicity is one of its biggest asset because it's very direct to what it wants to do, needs to do and will do. This will also help our country leaders realize the importance of utilizing materials found in our waste; may it be organic waste or inorganic waste, many of them can be reused and utilized to its fullest potential with the use of our current technological advancement.

The PlasticPlug Project is such a very laudable and implementable initiative, a good start towards a sustainable 2021!

We need to stop polluting our oceans ASAP and save our future. There are many ways to do this and the Plastic Plug is one immediate solution.

I really believe the plastic plug can help save our oceans and our planet.

I am an American married to a Filipino and have been to the Philippines many times. I have seen both the amazing beauty and encroaching pollution problem of my adopted country that I love. This seems like a wonderful idea and endeavor to help to keep the Philippines as the true "Pearl of the Orient!" I am very interested to follow the project through it's evolving phases to completion.

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