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Basic Requirements

The solution must fulfill these basic requirements. Details are in “IV-A High Level Req.” Basically, it aims at:

  1. Stop Waste from entering the ocean
  2. Low cost / Minimum effort for setup
  3. Working free of energy cost
  4. Maximum recovery level of the materials
  5. Best possible monetarization of materials
  6. Complete self-sustainability (incl.  staff salaries)
  7. Motivational role model for citizen
  8. Strictly measurable impact

Project Structure

The project is built on 3 Sectors.

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refers to a well-proven and low-cost mechanical solution implemented in the rivers to retrieve 60-85% of the river-transported garbage and thus effectively stops it from entering the oceans.


refers to the process of characterization, segregation, processing and
a proper monetizing of the garbage.


refers to the various mechanisms to measure success and to deliver the appreciation for that success to the various stakeholders to enhance the motivational drive in a holistic approach

Creating a Pinoy “Basura Wheel”

x1 foundation PlasticPlug Basura Wheel

The Baltimore wheel is an expensive high-tech solution. The Pinoy version must be very inexpensive and easy to assemble. It is designed with local materials and trash and can be easily replaced in case of a storm destruction. The basic version design gets tested in pilot projects and evolves during the first rainy season before rolling it out to all PH rivers and ultimately to the whole SEA.

Calling on academia and business for engineering

To create the optimal Pinoy BasuraWheel we will partner with Universities across the nation where mechanical engineering is taught and set up a competition for students to come up with a true Pinoy solution.

We also encourage volunteers from the industry to participate in the quest – either through direct engineering suggestions or through funding.

This solution will be thoroughly tested in the Pilot Project Subic Bay and possibly in Albay  before the enhanced version will be implemented nationwide.