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The PlasticPlug is a holistic approach to the main problem of ocean pollution with floating garbage through rivers. And a powerful and inspiring motivational campaign which will help changing the mindset of all areas of the society.

It starts in the Philippines as a pilot project - to prove to the world it's feasibility and success.
Our holistic concept brings awareness, motivation and a combined high-tech/low-tech solution to ocean pollution by floating garbage. 
It is conceptualized as a low-cost solution without straining the budgets of governments and delivering immediate massive impact to South East Asia - one of the main sources of Ocean Pollution.

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First the Philippines (shamefully accused of being the third biggest plastic polluter in the world) will regain its status of being a Maritime Nation which is protecting & caring for the ocean. Counting on the National Pride of the citizens the campaign uses sports events as communication channel to the masses. 

Then we see this solution in all the other countries in South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam etc.)They all suffer from the same triangle:
Lot's of Floating Garbage in 
Lot's of Rivers and 
Little Money in the Governments for Solutions
Due to COVID we are now almost one year behind in our planning. Help by signing this VOTE to speed up the process of a fast implementation.

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