It will be piloted in several regions – starting with the perfect pilot location Subic Bay, for it is an enclosed bay with a relatively small number of relevant rivers (which are close to/along settlements).

x1 foundation PlasticPlug Subic Bay Perfect Pilot

Figure 11: Subic Bay – Perfect Pilot

The first Pilot is aimed to be with the Subic Bay Freeport Zone Metropolitan Authority spearheading the installation of the “SubicPlug” – a complete plugging of the Subic Bay by 4 Plugs in the rivers of the Subic Bay.

Subic Bay, Zambales/Bataan/Olongapo City, Luzon

x1 foundation PlasticPlug Freeport Zone Pilot Options
Figure: Freeport Zone Pilot Options

Pilot 1: Freeport Zone

Due to its strategic location the Freeport Zone is the first pilot with two PlasticPlug installations at the Kalaklan River and the Drainage Channel.

Pilot 2: Complete Subic Bay Plug

Four more river situations in the Municipality of Subic will conclude the complete Subic Plug

Legazpi City, Albay, Bicol

x1 foundation PlasticPlug Legazpi City Albay

The second planned region is the area of Legazpi City in Albay. This is a scenario where a city situation is evaluated. Two major river estuaries flank the city of Legazpi. In the north the river passes an industrial park, in the south it is a system which passes dense population.

Marikina River

x1 foundation PlasticPlug Marikina River

A completely different approach is the third pilot project in which we are proving the usage in a city river and not an estuary. Financially the foundation can only ensure the financing of approx. 150 river estuaries in the Philippines out of its own capabilities. Should there be donors for more we propose of course the installation in the polluted rivers of the cities.

Marikina has the status of one of the cleanest cities in the South East Asia region. Yet it suffers from the upstream rivers and their pollution which during rainy season flood the Marikina River with trash.

The Plastic Plug could be a solution when installed right downstream of the mountain inlets.