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Livelihood & Tourism endangered.
Another vast impact
is on Sea Creatures.
This is not acceptable. [1]

[1] https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/pope-francis-urges-action-endless-fields-plastic-world-s-oceans-n905711

The proposed Non-Profit project PlasticPlug fulfills the Nation’s Responsibility for the Oceans and protects the Tourism Industry as well as Coastal Livelihoods and the Health of our Population.

It implements a cost-efficient holistic solution to drastically reduce the national input of trash into the ocean and restore the self-respect and dignity especially in the Asian Pacific countries accused of being the biggest plastic polluters on the planet.

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It origins in the Philippines and shall be a role-model for the whole SEA region by 2022.

It uses green renewable energy sources and inexpensive mechanical solutions combined High-Tech AI elements coupled with an educational and motivational component. Based on the extensive research world-wide it focusses on river pollution as the main transportation channel for ocean pollution.

The document describes the Plastic Plug project with
the timeline, involved parties, affected processes  and calls to action.

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