The following processes
or systems will be
impacted by PlasticPlug

1-A.           Boat Traffic (mostly local fishermen)

Since the containment booms will have to cross the river it is necessary to implement an intelligent passing mechanism for the boots as well as an education program to make sure the boat operators are not violating the integrity of the boom. A strong law enforcement with monitoring and harsh fines will be helpful.

1-A.           Municipal Waste Management

Generally, the implementation of MRFs is a relief for municipal load on the landfills and thus it should be welcomed by the LGU. But since the PlasticPlug will collect all the material from the river which has evaded municipal waste management, the opposite is the case – the load will rise massively. Therefore, the collaboration of the local offices responsible for waste management need to be ensured very early in the planning process and they must be convinced of the necessity of NORMS. The long-term effect of the program will be a deeper involvement of the community in waste responsibility and thus the reduced burden on the landfill will eventually occur. At the same token those retrieved materials will partly be sold to refinance the project cost and therefore not enter the landfills.