We do not collect membership fees and do not take donations. 
If you ever get approached by someone who asks for donations for our cause, please report them immediately through our contact form. DO NOT PAY!

Our Pro Bono Areas

SDG | Sustainable Development Goals 

Our focus is on the SDG 11, 12, 16, 17 as key mechanics to achieve the other SDGs. 
Build a better world. 


We support our beneficiaries in the challenges of the Digital Transformation.

High Potentials

We seek to identify High Potentials in the society and try to empower them.

Training & Coaching

We provide free trainings, coaching and mentoring to our beneficiaries.


We help corporations and SMBs to evolve from Philanthropy to CSR.


We support beneficiaries and projects with media material for education and information campaigns and presentations.


We help organizations to analyze different aspects of their work and provide efficiency consulting. 
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Ocean Pollution 
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What is the
x.1 foundation?


The x.1 foundation evolved from the METAXA XEX FUND. This private effort aimed to identify and empower High Potentials in the society in order to achieve the SDG 11,12,16 and 17 was funded by Nikolaus Metaxa-Schwarten in memory of his grandfather -- the Greek engineer and Mayor of Panagitsa, Pellas, the late Nikolaos Metaxa († 1968)
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Presenting the YES18 concept at the ICC 2018
To educate, empower individuals, organizations & societies in the Philippines and South East Asia in the understanding that we have only one world (x.1) and to develop, finance and implement solutions to promote, pursue and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Philippines and South East Asia. 
We believe we can reach our goals through social, engineering and technological research, development and financing with a focus on working with LGUs and communities on the goal of creating SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES; informing, educating and empowering the duality of individuals and corporations on RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION; educating, consulting and hereby empowering and STRENGTHEN INSTITUTIONS; inspiring PEACE AND JUSTICE among Stakeholders and help forging the necessary PARTNERSHIPS towards a SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY while aiming at the Philippines being a role model for whole South East Asia societies.
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Founded 2020


While the activities of the METAXA XEX FUND go back to 2016, the institutionalization of the foundation happened in 2020.

| x.1 foundation inc. |
SEC Company Registration No. CN202003705
| Non-Profit |


After presenting the PlasticPlug Project to LGUs and potential partners it turned out that legal documents like MOAs could only be signed by a legal entity. Hence we raised 1 Mio. PHP and set up the x.1 foundation inc.

Unfortunately due to COVID the papers never arrived and we could not reach SEC. Only in October we got the confirmation that the foundation was actually incorporated in April 2020.
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Presenting PlasticPlug to SBMA Head of Departments in 2019

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